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Hold Politicians Accountable From Your Smartphone

American Voter App


Imagine a World…

Where regular folks have a transparent view into the political process

Where you don't need to be an insider to know which laws are being introduced

Where you don't need a law degree to understand the laws

Where the voices of the People speak louder than money

Where politicians vote in alignment with the People and not special interest groups

Where its EASY to hold the government accountable

Introducing AVA

Helping you hold legislators accountable…

1. AVA gives you a clear, unbiased summary of legislation that’s relevant and important to you

2. AVA allows you to vote on legislation and share your desires with legislators, directly from the app

3. AVA shows you how often your legislators cast a vote that’s in alignment with yours

How AVA Works

The Problem

Legislation is too difficult to understand.

Our Solution

AVA provides a clear, unbiased summary of every piece of legislation before Congress.

The summary will include bill supporters, sponsors, and a breakdown of pros and cons.

You can view legislation, vote on it, and send your opinion to your legislators directly from the app.

The Problem

Legislation is too difficult to track.

Our Solution

AVA lets you set up a profile with a customized dashboard where you can explore, save, and track legislation.

Receive notifications about newly introduced legislation that might impact you.

Get updates on your saved pieces of legislation as they move through Congress.

The Problem

No insights into how the rest of your community votes.

Our Solution

AVA shows you how others in your community vote so you can see how you align with your constituency.

The Problem

Lack of accountability and transparency among legislators.

Our Solution

AVA will keep a scorecard of how well your legislators represent you and the rest of your constituency.

Our Mission

You have been disenfranchised by the American political system, or you know someone that has.

Our mission is to fix that problem.

We believe an informed, empowered,¬†engaged community will create a better country and a better future… a future where the political system works for everyone and where our children have strong models for how to be strong citizens.

We aim to bring transparency and accountability to the political process, and we’re going to use tech to do it.

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